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    Chiranjeevi, the Pisces sunsign report for 2017 is as follows

    Chiranjeevi, the 2017 fortune reading [for Pisces] is as follows. Please read carefully.

    The year 2017 will be a great year for you. The favorable results far out weight the adverse ones. How you handle opportunities and crisis can change the outcome of circumstances this year. So, do not despair from any negative events or get too excited by any positive ones. Everything in life is relative to the context of the situation. You are able to fulfill your social obligations quite efficiently and it is acknowledge publicly. You could be able to buy immovable property this year. If there have been plans to construct a house, they may be successfully executed. It will be best to avoid activities that could even remotely lead to litigation. If any verdicts are to be pronounced this year, the decision may not be in your favor.
    Those engaged in services will see an increase in status. There will be an increase in the number of your rivals/enemies this year. You could also suffer from a latent fear. Apart from these a long-standing problem gets resolved. You could get inclined towards religious/spiritual pursuits and may even receive divine grace. This year could well be a turning point in life, but it depends on you entirely, how you exploit opportunities and set the pace for future life.

    Family & Health - Pisces in 2017

    Balance your dietary choices and lifestyle changes. Make sure to have plenty of specific foods for heart and digestive health. Lower your intake of fats and sweets. Stress is a big cause of heart disease and digestive disorders. Therefore, work on reducing your stress through meditation, exercise or artistic expressions. There could also be problems related to the stomach stemming mainly from the tendency to worry. Donít forget to stay flexible and adapt to all changes. The initial days of the year may affect your health and chest pain and gas related troubles take their toll on you. There are indications of an accident. Keep the speed in check while driving. You are strongly advised to establish a disciplined program of diet, rest and exercise and stick to it. There could be occasional bouts of anxiety.

    Finance & Career - Pisces in 2017

    On the economic front, the first half of the year will be marked by optimism. Your financial situation improves significantly. You are able to acquire an immovable asset, especially so if itís a home youíve been planning to buy. Those engaged in services are likely to have matters settled in their favour or receive a promotion, receive a promotion and will find themselves in the good books of their seniors. Also you are likely to clear any exams conducted by your office with flying colours. Those engaged in business activity are likely to benefit, especially those who are involved with government departments. There could be hindrance in decision making in early months of the year. But as time goes by, work picks up pace and you are able to start execution of a profitable project. Long-standing projects that had been stalled earlier are made to reach completion this year. There may be differences with partners leading to problems. .
    There could be along distance. Travel in November or December. You could buy land for business purposes between June to August.

    Love & Relationships - Pisces in 2017

    At times there may arise a feeling that you have been tied down. You could feel cloistered too. Siblings are a joy to be with. Relatives may oppose your decision to tackle matters of the heart with a little care.

    Monthly Predictions - Pisces in 2017
    January - February - March

    Fate is on your side in January. This month will prove to be favourable for Pisceans. Health remains good. Those who have been suffering from ill health for a long time are relieved. Old jobs get accomplished and you may begin work on new ones. Your social network will grow. Financial situation improves. New sources of income may emerge. Savings increase. There are indications of benefit through immovable property. You could also be purchasing a vehicle. Domestic environment is harmonious.
    The pace of progress is likely to get hit in February but self confidence will remain high, and that will help you a lot. There could be an inclination towards undertaking creative pursuits. Travel could prove to be exhausting. Contacts with influential people will increase. Your interest in taking on religious/ spiritual/ charitable activity will increases. You must exercise caution while making statements in public. They may be misinterpreted and your reputation may take a dent. There may be a sudden gain of money. The money that had been blocked in some venture will be received. Work related travels will be many and will leave you exhausted. Investments in new areas, future projects bring relief and also highlight the course for future. There could be business related travel also. The month of March will be an average month. Health may remain under duress. There could be problems related to eyes or stomach. You could be participating in religious and social functions with zeal. There could be glad tidings from abroad. Your confidence in financial planning is strengthened. Businessmen could be traveling a lot. Partnerships will need to be reviewed routinely.

    April - May - June

    You will have to push extra hard to see your work through. There could be disagreements with friends. Expenses increase. Try to stay away from vices. Those in services should be careful about documentation. There could be transfers and your acts could invite litigation. There could be conflicts among family members. Tensions related to family affect you. Try to curb wasteful expenditure and getting into arguments/controversies to avoid further damage. Gains are indicated through help/support from mother or maternal relatives. Your efforts at work will be appreciated and could have to undertake work related travel. Businessmen could win some profitable projects or contracts. Pleasure trip with family is on the cards. Health registers improvement in the month of June. There are indications of an accident in the latter half of the month, so drive with caution. There could be unexpected expenditure. You could acquire new gadgets or property.

    July - August - September

    There could be tension at work place in the later half of the month. Businessmen should avoid risky investments. August appears to be a good month for your sign. You could benefit from immovable property. An unexpected
    expenditure could put you in a tight spot. There could be disagreements with siblings. Spouse will help you in your work. The first half of September is favorable. Your self-confidence is high and your feel inclined to do some social work. You could also be plagued by some baseless fears in the later half. Those working in managerial capacities or in partnerships need to be careful.

    October - November - December

    Financial situation remains normal but there could be dent on your savings. Avoid stock market speculation and risky investments. Exercise restraint over harsh speech to preserve harmony at home. Avoid vices and Bad Company. Excesses in wok could cause a burnout. Businessmen will see the work pick up pace but it will not be as much as desired. The year closes in December on a positive note. There will be co-operation from friends.

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