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    Ekta Kapoor, the Leo sunsign report for 2014 is as follows

    Ekta Kapoor, the 2014 fortune reading [for Leo] is as follows. Please read carefully.

    A good Year is predicted for you. This year will be characterized by increased responsibilities and spending money on acquisition of assets and luxury goods. Eligible Leo natives will tie the knot in the first half of the year.
    Try to be diplomatic and be low key till July 2014 if you want to maintain domestic harmony. Life partner will provide emotional support throughout the year. Happy occasions will be celebrated in the family that will bring much joy. Avoid confrontations from March to July.

    Finance & Career - Leo in 2014

    This year you will have one major and important success in professional sphere. Avoid litigations of any kind and maintain good relations with government officials. Your financial fortunes will increase from July inwards. Expenditure will also increase but it will be for good auspicious things. Competitions and business rivalry will create mental tension and anxiety throughout the year. Good months: Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct.

    Family & Health - Leo in 2014
    Health will be excellent for most part of the year barring second half of March, April and May.

    Students - Leo in 2014

    Time will be spent on enjoyment activities than studies. Remain focused to get good results.

    Monthly Predictions - Leo in 2014
    January - February - March

    Adverse circumstances galore but with courage and patience you will be able to clear the hurdles. Avoid change of job and new fresh investments. Take care of health specially of the digestive system and areas below knees.

    April - May - June

    The planetary combination will cause unnecessary expenditure. Expenditure on medicines also indicated. Take good care of health and avoid over exhaustion. Beware of rivals trying to pin you down and stay away from office politics. Transfer to a distance place is likely for career purposes.

    July - August - September

    Blueprint for your future plans will get ready during these months. Defer investments for later. Domestic harmony will be disturbed and problems from a relative or a loved one are foreseen.

    October - November - December

    There are changes of one major wish fulfillment. Chances of financial gains are bright. Your contact network increases and you buy something valuable for the house / family. Beware of rivals plotting for your downfall. A good time for love and romance.

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    Ekta Kapoor your Leo 2014 report
    Ekta Kapoor your Leo sunsign report for 2014
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